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Team Rynkeby sets new sponsorship record

As many as 1,541 companies will have their logos on Team Rynkeby’s yellow jerseys when the charity cycling teams hit the road to Paris this summer. This represents the highest number of sponsors ever.

The Team Rynkeby participants are still keeping their chains firmly adjusted – also when it comes to their sponsorship activities for children with serious illnesses.

Friday last week was the final deadline for companies wishing to have their logos on Team Rynkeby’s characteristic yellow jerseys when the cycling teams pedal off for Paris next summer.

And the Team Rynkeby participants have been able to exceed themselves once more.

As many as 1,541 companies will have their logo on the yellow jersey on one of Team Rynkeby’s 57 teams. This is a 15-percent increase compared to last year and the highest number of clothing sponsors ever.

- I am sincerely and positively surprised at the success created by the participants. Two weeks ago, I was having a faint hope that we might just be able to tie last year’s record. Now I realize that things have been moving so fast last week, says Carl Erik Dalbøge, CEO of the Team Rynkeby Foundation.

Progress despite competition
A company pays a minimum of € 2,500 to have its logo on Team Rynkeby’s yellow jersey. Several companies, however, have paid a lot more.

In this season, Team Rynkeby has signed as many as 46 of the so-called platinum sponsorships for which companies have to pay a minimum of € 12,500.

- We do feel that the competition is becoming fiercer when it comes to charity. The number of players in the market doing the same thing as us has increased dramatically. This certainly does not make me less happy or proud when I realised that once more, we have been able to increase the number of sponsors wishing to be part of our project, says Carl Erik Dalbøge and adds,

- It tells me that we have been successful in establishing Team Rynkeby as a reliable business partner when it comes to CSR and charity. Besides, our local teams have been extremely good at insuring that our sponsors get their money’s worth from their sponsorships, Carl Erik Dalbøge says.

The platinum sponsors will have their logos on six teams and will receive a number of additional marketing advantages.

The increase in the number of sponsors means that currently Team Rynkeby is ahead of last year’s collection results. By the end of the 2019 season, Team Rynkeby had collected a total of € 10.6 million across seven countries.

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