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Team Rynkeby Close to a New Sponsorship Record

It seems very likely that Team Rynkeby will be able – once more - to cover their yellow cycling jerseys with logos paid by generous companies. The charity cycling team has a new sponsorship record in sight.

The number of companies wishing to support Team Rynkeby’s activities for seriously ill children is increasing on a daily basis.

Friday, January 17, 2020 is the final deadline for closing sponsorships allowing companies to put their logos on the characteristic, yellow jerseys of the charity cycling team.

And 7 days, according to Carl Erik Dalbøge, CEO of Team Rynkeby Foundation, is enough time to go for a new record in number of clothing sponsors.

- It’ll be extremely close. But when I think of the dedication and commitment that I see everywhere, I believe it can be done. But it calls for an extremely focused effort on our part during the last days, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

The Extra Mile
Right now, Team Rynkeby has recorded 1,249 gold sponsors who have contributed a minimum of 2,500 EUR each to the charity cycling team’s collections.

On top of that, there are 38 companies who have signed a platinum sponsorship of a minimum of 12,500 EUR.

This means that the logos of a total of 1,287 companies will appear on one or more of the 57 local teams of the charity cycling team. In other words: in order to beat last year’s record of 1,342 clothing sponsorships, Team Rynkeby must be able to go the extra mile and close 50 new clothing sponsorships within the next 7 days!

- It calls for every team to be able to close a couple of sponsorships in the final days prior to the deadline – and I certainly believe that is possible. I know for a fact that the participants are extremely focused on continuing their dialogue with the sponsors. In fact, we may be very close to getting the final sponsorships signed, says Carl Erik Dalbøge.

Ready for the great outdoors…
When the deadline for the clothing sponsorships is reached on January 17, 2002, the final designing features will be added on the clothes of the 57 Team Rynkeby cycling teams. Xtreme, the Danish designer of cycling clothes, is in charge of this process.

That means that the clothing will be ready for use when the Team Rynkeby riders seriously hit the roads of the great outdoors in late March or early April.

In 2020, Team Rynkeby consists of 2,100 bike riders plus 550 service staff on 57 teams from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, Team Rynkeby features an international team with participants from several European countries.

Team Rynkeby will be cycling to Paris in the period July 4-11, 2020.

If you wish to have your logo on Team Rynkeby’s cycling clothes, please drop us a line here.

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