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Muhammed found a stolen Team Rynkeby bike in front of his shop – now he has made a very touching decision

Muhammed Badawi was somewhat bewildered when he discovered an unlocked racing bike in front of his Søborg shop in early December. A local Facebook group helped him on to Team Rynkeby and now the story has had a moving outcome.

When Henrik Nielsen got out of bed in the early morning of November 22, he made a depressing discovery:

Over the night, some unknown criminals had stolen – not only his car - but also his special, yellow Bianchi racing bike which had taken him twice to Paris in the company of the charity cycling team Team Rynkeby.

- Normally, I am not sentimental about material things, but the Team Rynkeby bicycle means a lot to me – there are so many good memories associated with it. I have ridden about 10,000 km on it and I know all its little strengths and weaknesses so I would never dream of parting with it, says Henrik Nielsen, who has been a professional football player in e.g. AEK Athens, Fenerbahçe and Brøndby.

It seemed highly unlikely that Henrik Nielsen would ever have his bike back but a couple of weeks after the theft, he was suddenly contacted by the CEO of the Team Rynkeby Foundation, Carl Erik Dalbøge.

- He asked me if I had lost my bike because he had just been contacted by a young man by the name of Muhammed Badawi, who had found a yellow, unlocked bike in front of his Søborg shop – and the frame had my name on, says Henrik Nielsen and continues,

- I was, of course, beside myself with joy and immediately went out to find Muhammed in Pinocchio Slikbutik, the small candy shop that he runs together with his father.

A very special bike
Muhammed Badawi couldn’t understand what an unlocked racing bike was doing in front of his candy shop. And because it seemed to have no owner, he brought it into his shop.

- I didn’t know what kind of bike it was, so I just took a snapshot of it and put it on our local Facebook group asking if anyone was looking for a lost bike. People wrote back to me that it was a Team Rynkeby bicycle and that I should contact the Team Rynkeby Foundation. And that’s what I did, says Muhammed Badawi, who was able to return the bike to its rightful owner just over 24 hours later.

- Henrik told him about the Team Rynkeby project and their activities to support the Children’s Cancer Foundation. And, of course, I was happy to be able to help, continues Muhammed Badawi.

Donating a full day’s turnover
And that might have been the end of that tale…

But Henrik Nielsen’s story about Team Rynkeby’s activities for children with cancer had made such an impression on Muhammed Badawi that he has now decided that the full turnover of the entire 23 December 2019 will be given to Team Rynkeby’s collection for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

- That is my humble contribution to the sick children and to the work that Team Rynkeby is doing for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. I cannot say how big my contribution is going to be, but I hope that it will make a little difference, says Muhammed Badawi.

If you wish to help Muhammed Badawi make a big contribution to the Children’s Cancer Foundation – then go and buy your candy in Pinocchio Slikbutik, Søborg Hovedgade 73 in Søborg, on December 23, 2019 between 11 and 21.

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